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This wiki has been created to document things you can do on the command line on an Ubuntu Phone.

See also the BQ Aquaris E 4.5 Ubuntu phone book on gitbooks.

People with accounts with administrator permissions can create accounts for other people.


  1. SSH access through Wifi — How to get SSH access to the Ubuntu Phone via Wifi
  2. USB networking — How to get SSH access through USB networking
  3. Install Packages — make the filesystem read-write and install additional .deb packages
  4. Find Phone — this is a script to find your phone on the local network by it's Mac address
  5. Encrypted Home — add an additional account and create an encrypted home directory for it
  6. Proxy Web Traffic — install privoxy to filter out adverts and optionally forward web traffic to a ssh tunnel
  7. Debian Chroot — install a Debian system on an Ubuntu Phone
  8. Firewall — install and configure a firewall using iptables
  9. Resize Root — of course this isn't recommended!

Getting started

# this is a test of the syntax highlighting
echo "hello world!" | sed 's/world/Ubuntu phone/'
hello Ubuntu phone!